About Us

A Unique Approach

We don’t spin our wheels or try to reinvent one. Our clients are kept on a fast track for quick collection results. Each case is handled by an attorney from the time that it is received until its conclusion. We do not believe either in paralegals or collectors handling cases, since we recognize that our clients face complex and sometimes costly challenges and that they want straight-forward answers to their questions as quickly as possible. We have, therefore, made a commitment to cut through the confusion that often accompanies the handling of a file by a paralegal or collector.

Our goal is to be the most thorough and innovative provider of creditors’ rights representation in the region. We exhaust all reasonable possibilities of resolving cases sent to us before recommending litigation. As litigation can be complicated and costly; we believe that establishing open lines of communication with our client is of utmost importance. Our reporting system has been established to keep our clients abreast of important information in a timely fashion.

With over 50 years of handling commercial collection and creditors’ rights claims, Baylinson, Kudysh, Greenberg & Helt is one of the oldest law firms whose practice is exclusively in the commercial collection and creditors’ rights area in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.