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About Us

A Unique Approach

We don’t spin our wheels or try to reinvent one. Our clients are kept on a fast track for quick collection results. Each case is handled by an attorney from the time that it is received until its conclusion. We do not believe either in paralegals or collectors handling cases, since we recognize that our clients face complex and sometimes costly challenges and that they want straight-forward answers to their questions as quickly as possible. We have, therefore, made a commitment to cut through the confusion that often accompanies the handling of a file by a paralegal or collector.


Where We Work

Our jurisdictions of practice are: State of Maryland (entire state); Washington, DC; and Northern Virginia Suburbs of Washington, DC.

Our attorneys are familiar not only with all of the Rules of Civil Procedure in the jurisdictions listed above but are also active in drafting and implementing many of those Rules in an effort to continue rendering superior legal services to our clients.

Local Courts


The District Court in Maryland has jurisdiction of civil cases of $30,000 or less and is geared to a resolution of the case within 90-120 days after being filed. Those cases in excess of $30,000 or where a jury is demanded in a District Course case when the amount sued for is $10,000 or more are processed in the Circuit Courts. Depending upon the Maryland County in which the case is filed, this court is generally geared towards resolution within 8-10 months from the date of filing.

Commercial Collections & Creditor’s Rights

Our expertise and solid reputation place Baylinson, Kudysh and Greenberg as one of the premier commercial collection law firms in the market place. The firm handles cases throughout the entire state of Maryland, Washington, DC, and the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. For regional, national and international clients, we have developed effective tools to represent each client according to their individual needs and provide practical, rapid and cost effective responses as required.

If you have any questions relating to our firm, the regions within which we practice and our ability to provide result-oriented collection services to you, we welcome your contacting us for further information.